Second Annual Festival Todas Contra La Violencia

This episode was produced in solidarity with the women organizing against violence in Central America. In June, Cat Walker (Witness for Peace) posted this report from Honduras from which we learn some alarming statistics: “every 30 minutes a woman is sexually assaulted; every 16 hours a woman is killed; less than 4 percent of femicide cases result in convictions; most sex crimes are not even investigated.” Fast forward to November. In Quetaltenango, Guatemala the feminist collective Todas Contra La Violencia just hosted their second annual festival at Casa Noj in their continuing efforts to end gender violence.

We hold energy in our bodies.  The life that we have can really connect to the lives of others.  I think this is the beauty of this festival
—Valeria Ayerdi, Todas Contra La Violencia

For the latest information please follow the hashtag #TodasContraLaViolencia on your social media accounts.


1:36 Report from Cat Walker June 2017 Day 3 in Honduras: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
3:25 November 2017: Festival Todas Contra La Violencia, Quetzaltenango Guatemala
6:20 Interview: Valeria Ayerdi
13:04 Interview: Anabella Acevedo

Todas Contra La Violencia Facebook Page
Witness for Peace



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