This week the Travelogue Media podcast begins a Colorado series with an interview with Jason’s father Jai Joseph, aka Orzbo, who shares some of his most significant travel experiences from the womb to the healing waters of Colorado to the pyramids of the Yukatan. He also talks about his latest project, the New Earth Chronicles.

I’ve been rather fortunate this lifetime having met and been with people of extraordinary abilities, partially because of their beautiful heart radiations and their intelligence and their quest to know the essence of who they are and their relationship in the universe. It’s way more than just having a relationship to a place on earth. That place on earth can attune you to some of the beauties and mysteries of the cosmos.

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Jason Klarl
Travel Media Producer at Travelogue Media
Jason is the host and producer of the Travelogue Media podcast, and author of Travelogue: 2015 Yearbook. He grew up in Colorado with a passion for music, photography, and filmmaking. He completed an Associates of Applied Science degree from the Art Institute of Colorado and studied at the Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, North Carolina. He's currently living in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
Twitter: @mediadesign77
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