Transfer Day, Status, and Citizenship: A Talk with Gerard Emanuel

Gerard Emanuel spoke about status and citizenship in the Virgin Islands before and after Transfer Day. The talk was part of an ongoing lecture series from We From Upstreet held at the J. Antonio Jarvis Museum and Learning Center in St. Thomas. In an interview following the event, Mr. Emanuel expressed his hope that the Virgin Islands make progress toward self-sufficiency in the areas of water, food, and energy.

I think it’s really lack of vision, lack of confidence, not lack of ability. We have so much ability in the Virgin Islands. But I don’t think we’re thinking about changing anything right now. We think that we might not like everything about the status, but we like enough about it that we’re afraid to change it to something else. But we don’t have to change the status. We just have to change the way we think about it.

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5:42 Gerard Emanuel talk
8:12 Gerard Emanuel interview
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We From Upstreet Lecture Series
Tanama Colibri | Instagram
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Revised Organic Act of 1954
America’s Virgin Islands: A History of Human Rights and Wrongs by William Boyer
The Umbilical Cord by Harold W.L. Willocks
The Law of Nations
The Insular Cases


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